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Bare hands

Artist- Shade twafra

From the gentle caress of self-love to the clenched fist in protest, each hand tells a story, each movement is a verse in the epic saga of life. Through the lens of the artist, the hands are revealed as emotional tools, carrying the weight of our joys and sorrows, our hopes and fears.

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Wrap the sun 

Artist-Children paint for the Future 

Donation exhibition.

In these moments when we are defending our homes on all fronts, we also want to think about the future and think about those who have been harmed in an inhuman way, because only through them we can rebuild ourselves. we want to spread hope with children's paintings. 


Les Oasis du désert 

Artist-Efrath Bouana  

 exhibition at the Chapelle Saint-Gobain. France.

Bouana take us to her Poetic view but also her  walking dream about peace, in the large sense of the terms.

It is an immersive and spiritual journey through a desert. Bouana seeks to challenge preconceptions about the desert, showing its cruel and sublime aspects, full of mystery and wild freedom. Through her artwork, she captures the relentless heat and arid landscape, as well as its fleeting moments of joy. Combining abstract elements and figurative representations, Bouana creates a dynamic dialogue between opposites. Her paintings, drawings and installations are an ode to perseverance and the strength of the human spirit in the face of life's challenges. This exhibition provides a unique opportunity to pause and reflect on the fragility and absurdity of human existence, and to find peace and happiness despite pain and suffering.

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