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But sometimes is the silence stronger

solo show : But sometimes is the silence stronger
Artist : Michael Gatzke

image: painting name : When the hour comes, Michael Gatzke.

But sometimes is the silence - in a screaming world - stronger ...
To illustrate this, I would like to start with a quote by Günter Seubold in "Silence and Being" of 2014, and there from the essay "Aesthetics of silence":
"Silence is fundamental for every individual, for every culture as a whole. A culture that forgets that and sets it on "full droning" is dying, basically dead, even if she keeps herself on her feet for a while. But what keeps her on her feet does not come from the time of the full boil, but from a time before that, a time when silence had not been destroyed. One feeds on the nourishing culture or fruit of earlier decades and centuries, while one pursues its consuming business and pleasures. "
Well watched. Our fast-paced world is always in the fast lane at high speeds, but it does not come any more, do not allow yourself any more breather. Does not come to your senses anymore, to reflect.
There is an elementary reason in the Bible (Exodus 20: 8-11): For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and he rested on the seventh day and saw that it was good. This biblical 7 day has tended to be lost in modern times. Silence is not very popular in our busy time. Silence, that sounds somehow stale, outdated, even strange. Silence has no room left. Silence does not just happen. You have to make a conscious decision to be quiet. Especially in the context of the Internet, iphone, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where the images rush past one at a regular rate. To experience silence, you have to go offline.
So my works are based on an attempt to capture the slowness of images, countering the tempo of electronic picture noise. Ostensibly nothing happens or only little, but everything seems possible at any time. Perhaps the sceneries found there only form the resonance to my inner worlds. There are no really real pictures of landscapes to be seen, but open wide horizons, but they come from the abstraction. The few people appearing in collage form seem archaic and concentrated. They do not really participate in their activities


La vision du sacré selon Abel Pann

Artist : Abel Pann

Image Drawing by  Abel Pann

Abel Pann also name the painter of the bible, passionate about the Book,  he wants to make it visible created from his texts images of landscapes but also faces, given life and history to names from the bible as well as to places, bring us to visit the bible through the present and through the painter's vision and  personal imagination.
"I wondered how it was that only the people who created the bible did not produce a painter of the bible. But leaving it to others to answer to this question, I decided , me, to become that painter, offering to paint the subjects of the bible In a real biblical framework, with real characters, alive, moving, moving in the middle of their material, moral and sentimental life ... "Abel Pann.
"Journal de Geneve":
"... All penetrated by Jewish traditions, there is a sort of magical charm, and each of these frames brings us closer to the divine. All agree to some biblical verse and he dared without wavering, to represent creation. .. "cd.

In this exhibition we present collections of lithographs created by the painter himself and signed with his hands, where he presents extracts from the bible such as the creation of eden, babilon, the sons of Abraham ...

francais : Abel Pann surnommé le peintre de la bible , passioné par elle , il veut la rendre visible crée a partir de ses textes des paysages mais aussi des visages , donnés ainsi vie et histoire a des noms de la bible ainsi qu'a des lieu, nous faire visité la bible a travers le présent et par l'imagination personel du peintre. 
" je m'étais demandé comment il se faisait que seul, le peuple qui a créé la  bible , n'ait pas produit un peintre de la bible . Mais laissant a d'autres le soin de rependre a cette question, je me suis decidé , moi, a devenir ce peintre-là , me proposant de peindre les sujets de la bible Dans un cadre biblique reel, avec des personnages reels, vivants, remuant, s'agitant au milieu de leur vie matérielle, morale et sentimentale... "
Abel Pann. 
"Journal de Geneve " : 
"...Tout pénétré des traditions juives, il y a la comme une sorte de charme magique, et chacun de ces cadres nous rapproche  du divin. Tous s'accordent a quelque verset biblique et il a osé sans faiblir, représenter la création..." cd. 

Dans cette exposition  nous présentent des collections de lithographyes  crée par le peintre lui meme et signer de ses mains , ou il y presente des extraits de la bible comme la création d'eden, babilon , les fils d'abraham ...


La vision du sacré selon Salvador Dali
Artist : Salvador Dali

Exhibition of Salvador Dali lithograph collection show the way Dali see and visualize differents texts of the bible. This series of works by Salvador Dali are know as " biblica sacra". Dali made it after his friend art collector Guiseppe Albaretto ask him to illustrate the Bible.

Exhibitions: Current Exhibitions

Our Past Exhibitions

Artists who have showcased their work with us in the past are always eager to come back to Canopy Gallery. We’re seasoned experts at curating and displaying pieces. We’ve been working with talented artists , and in that time have helped bridge the gap between them and interested art collectors. Here are some of our past collections.


Traces at a time of lockdown

Group show Artist : Doaa Bardan, Laura Ben Ami, Efrath Bouana, Anuradha Delacour 

we cannot move from our chair, we are left with the power of the imaginary.
This is not a fatality, on the contrary, When reality is not enough, it is then a question of reversing it; we become aware of our own mental schema.
to reformulate it, to reinterpret it, far beyond our habits.
The acte of traces moments in paper with basics materiels, it is a primary act without artifice, to interpret and question our sense of reality.



solo show : Forgive-me
Artist : Asala Hasan (Asola)

solo show Artist : Asala Hasan (Asola)

On Asala Hasan (Asola) new series

By: Olga Aviad

אסאלה מעבירה בציוריה רגעים אינטימיים
שעלולים להיחטף ולחלוף משליטתה.משחק בין
ריפיון לאחיזה כמעט חסרת פשרות. התגרות
בגורל. הדימוי כאילו נתלש מהציור ובו זמנית
חוזר אלינו שוב ושוב , בהבזקים בין מה שקורה
ומה שיכול ועלול לקרות .הסיטואציה דינמית
ומטלטלת. האם ניתן לעצור ולאחוז
בתמצית של אותה נקודת זמן ? ...לאפשר לה
להיות לנצח.

Talit_clack (1).jpg

Sanctity in a Disposable Plate -
קדושה בתוך צלחת פלסטיק
solo show : Ben Bejerano

On Ben Bejerano’s new series

By: Neta Gal Atzmon

The interface between sacred and secular is the central theme in Ben Bejerano’s new series of work.

This body of work lies along the seam between secular and religious attitudes and conduct from Bejerano’s perspective, as Ben himself notes, caught up as he is in a journey of closer attachment to, and immersion in, the religious lifestyle. Past works admittedly delved into Biblical narratives and religious motifs (Cain, Noah’s Ark, the Tower of Babel, the Exodus from Egypt). But if, in the past, Bejerano related to such content from a safe distance, as he terms it, and from a simplistic, somewhat caricaturist approach, currently he is exploring the world of religious content as part of his own significant, essential and deep transition between the two worlds.

Destruction has always been a motif running like a thread through almost all Bejerano’s works, nor is it absent from this new series. In the past, however, its presence was senses as an apocalyptic atmosphere represented by the destroyed landscape, city or body. Here, on the other hand, it is deeply linked to the process of Teshuva, a return to Jewish values by readopting the actions which express those values. The destruction explored here is that of Bejerano’s own internal foundations undergoing replacement by keenly critical self-observation, the continuous inquiring that goes hand in hand with psycho-emotional reckoning, and a shedding of former modes of thinking.

Interestingly, the new series of paintings does not aim to express a lofty perception of the values of this new-old world Bejerano is entering but rather, his deliberations, difficulties, occasional bouts of despair, the habitual actions which threaten to shatter the sense of sought-after spirituality. Thus, images linked to the praying figure represented by the dismantling Tallit (prayer shawl) are actually expressing the aspect of secularity and its ongoing daily encounter with shared prayer services and study of sacred texts.

The simplistic folksy aspect, absent of any visual representation of the sublime, is represented by the common Keter brand plastic table, by cigarette butts and an old, dripping air conditioner, by cheap refreshments and a blinking neon light. These and similar elements converge into that desired moment of sanctity, enfolded into a format reminiscent of postcards or ornamental festival greeting cards. And it’s in these very elements and similar others, Bejerano is telling us, that he finds the internal dimension, the spiritual, the elusive, becoming revealed to him. 

Exhibitions: Past Exhibitions

The unbearable ease of the elephants
solo show artist / Efrath Bouana

In her new works
Bouana tries to make a wish -forget the human world for a moment of deliberate gesture movements , she asks for a break from all complexity , cruelty and try to embrace the vision of elephant life. Metamorphose her body for this heavy but delicat animal and imagine his memory or create the souvenirs she wants for her life, like an utopique sublimation of her worlds. She dances with her brush and body on the canvas using "joy colors" and creates poetic images of her deeper wish. In that way she throws her skin  for a moment of gestural painting.

Olga Aviad.

SHOW OFF 1.jpg

Rathinda-Monkey Puzzle 
solo show artist / Anuradha Delacour

Texte in French by the French Artist

Anuradha Delacour

« Rathinda-Monkey Puzzle »

Cette exposition est comme un lieu. Un espace  né en Novembre
2017, partagé avec d’autres et qui existera toujours. Tout continue
de grandir dans mon esprit. Ce lieu raconte le voyage visible et
invisible vécu à cette période-là. Le Temps et l’Espace de ma
pensée ont gravé ce moment.
Tout en conservant ces lieux éprouvés, vus, vécus, ces jungles
se permettre de « transitionner ».
Le titre de l'exposition est le choix du :  nom d'un papillon que l'on
peut trouver au Sri Lanka et en Inde du Sud.
Cette Personne-Animale à deux têtes semble irréelle. Je l'ai croisé
la première fois et la seule fois en 2007 dans le Kerala. 
Le voyage qui a permis cette exposition a eu lieu en 2017, dix ans
plus tard.
Une tête est vraiment une Présence, l'autre est là comme un
leurre qui protège l'être elle-même de son environnement.
Chaque tête semble regarder et espérer une direction opposée.
Une même personne semble être tiraillée entre deux Mondes, deux
Une seule des têtes porte l'esprit, les ressentis de l'animale, l'autre
n'est qu'un néant mortifère de plus dans l'existence pour parer à la
L'être, malgré l'apparence tantôt douloureuse, tantôt magique de sa
corporalité prisonnière sait pourtant la voie qui est sienne.
Celle-ci la portera au-delà du pire. En étant porté, on peut porter la
Terre, la récréer.
Cette exposition parle des doutes, du tiraillement de la
Personne dans l'existence ainsi que de sa transformation.

DUO ASALA_edited.jpg

Duo Artist -Anuradha Delacour and Asala Hasan

selection of works by our gallery


Duo Artist : Efrath Bouana and Nitsa Cohen

selection of works by our gallery

Exhibitions: Past Exhibitions
Hiking with Rain Jacket
rebecca last change .png
armenia artfair.JPG
5490_d1 (1).png

Solo show artist Rebecca Brodskis

Art Fair / Canopy Gallery at AAF with artist : Efrath Bouana and Anuradha Delacour

Solo show artist Efrath Bouana

Exhibitions with artists  Efrath Bouana Rebecca Brodskis, Anuradha Delacour, Asala Hasan, Maya Dunsky, Gali Lutski, Ben Bejerano, Doaa Bardan,Merav Cohen

Exhibitions: Past Exhibitions

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