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Biographie dessiné

BENSION ENAV / A Drawn Biography (version française ci-dessous)

The exhibition "A Drawn Biography" is a poetic and intimate journey of a personal, yet common, life that Bension Enav proposes to us through his works. An exploration of life, soul and dreams, through paintings that enchant us and transport us into the meanderings of a life that has been played out on canvas. His works have a unique character that resembles him in his observation of the world and his translation of it into painting.

Enav's gesture on his canvases is more than generous; he carries us away into his aillant, into his emotions; teleporting us into moments of life frozen in the image, yet so present.

Indeed, Bension tells his story through the image; painting then becomes his biography, his life, his refuge, his story.

Through his own experience, the artist takes us on a journey through history; the Six Day War, everyday life in the kibbutz, and also stories from his everyday life that invite us to enter into the life of the artist.

In short, canvases that give us an intimate and personal vision of his story, through colors, forms and gestures that express his vision and his relationship to the world.

Enav's works remind us of how powerful painting is to tell a story and remind us that, even after his death, Bension Enav continues to offer us his vision of the world.

Bension was born in 1925. After participating in the Six Day War, he settled in Paris, where he could devote himself fully to the study of painting and artistic creation. After 10 years in Paris, he returned to Israel to exhibit his painting at the Tzamarinsky Art Gallery in Tel Aviv and also had several exhibitions in France. Unfortunately, we do not have enough information about his life; he passed away in 2007 in Paris. We discovered him through the sale of his studio and fell in love with his remarkable and touching work, as well as his ability to capture the atmospheres of life at that time in Israel.

We hope that this exhibition is a first step for the whole world to appreciate and honor this exceptional artist.

We wish, through this exhibition, to value his work and ensure his visibility, and to pay tribute to him.

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