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But sometime is the silence stroger

solo show : But sometimes is the silence stronger
Artist : Michael Gatzke
But sometimes is the silence - in a screaming world - stronger ...

But sometimes is the silence - in a screaming world - stronger ...

To illustrate this, I would like to start with a quote by Günter Seubold in "Silence and Being" of 2014, and there from the essay "Aesthetics of silence":

"Silence is fundamental for every individual, for every culture as a whole. A culture that forgets that and sets it on "full droning" is dying, basically dead, even if she keeps herself on her feet for a while. But what keeps her on her feet does not come from the time of the full boil, but from a time before that, a time when silence had not been destroyed. One feeds on the nourishing culture or fruit of earlier decades and centuries, while one pursues its consuming business and pleasures. "

Well watched. Our fast-paced world is always in the fast lane at high speeds, but it does not come any more, do not allow yourself any more breather. Does not come to your senses anymore, to reflect.

There is an elementary reason in the Bible (Exodus 20: 8-11): For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, and he rested on the seventh day and saw that it was good. This biblical 7 day has tended to be lost in modern times. Silence is not very popular in our busy time. Silence, that sounds somehow stale, outdated, even strange. Silence has no room left. Silence does not just happen. You have to make a conscious decision to be quiet. Especially in the context of the Internet, iphone, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, where the images rush past one at a regular rate. To experience silence, you have to go offline.

So my works are based on an attempt to capture the slowness of images, countering the tempo of electronic picture noise. Ostensibly nothing happens or only little, but everything seems possible at any time. Perhaps the sceneries found there only form the resonance to my inner worlds. There are no really real pictures of landscapes to be seen, but open wide horizons, but they come from the abstraction. The few people appearing in collage form seem archaic and concentrated. They do not really participate in their activities

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